Steel plate at the top
and anti-wind chain track at the bottom in omega shape



JOLLY, a horizontal insect screen with anti-wind, closed type, caterpillar is the ideal solution for the lovers of elegant structures with high functionality and design, enhancing their sense of satisfaction.

The most reliable solution for balcony doors offers the charming advantage of only 3mm floor guide, the unique experience of smooth, silent and controlled motion and the outstanding track chain system for exciting performance even under the most extreme wind loads.

Moreover, the unique gliding, smooth and silent, at flat guide, makes it easy to clean but also allowing easy entrance and accessibility, ideal for children and disabled individuals.

Manual with reset spring

Recommended use:
Frames (Doors)

Fiberglass Stiff, colored grey

Closing with:

Type of installation:
Use of metallic ΒAΥOΝΕΤ system

Anti-Wind Reinforcement:
Anti-wind lock system of the net and anti-wind lateral chain’s lock of the tracks with a special component inside the track allowing the most secure grip of the net

More options (upon request):
Two shutters
Black colored mesh


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